Clare Askew: What if Everyone Could Walk to Work

Clare Askew, Regeneration Sites Manager for Workspace at Haringey Council, spoke to the London Coworking Assembly on why the What if Everyone Could Walk to Work report is of importance in today’s society and what it will mean for the future of coworking spaces. Clare is extremely passionate about

Matt Perkins: FreeAgent, Brexit and Mitigating Challenges

Brexit is an ongoing challenge facing businesses in 2021. Naturally, changes are taking place and these changes affect everyone. What exactly do these new waters mean for freelancers, startups and small businesses?  In an interview with Matthew Perkins of FreeAgent we get a glimpse on the Brexit effect, and what

Impact Brixton

Gerald Vanderpuye: Impact Brixton and Making a Difference

Coworking isn’t simply about renting to work. No, coworking is much more than that. It’s a community that gives freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs that sense of belonging. It gives them energy to not just support their own community, but also give back to their local economy. Impact Brixton is one


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