Dear WAG members

We hope this finds you well and in good health.

As you probably know the Government has given some sectors business rates relief so they cope with the economic downturn of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the workspace is not one of this sectors.

We are aware that many providers run on tight budgets and as a result of the current circumstances are already experiencing financial difficulties. With many spaces having to reduce their rents to tenants or completely close down for few months, receiving business rates relief will be a respite to their finances and make all the difference to their survival.

We are aware that different workspaces (on individual capacity or jointly) have been lobbying Government to request that the workspace sector is also included in the business rates relief.

Show your support

Sign up to our email list and show your support to the London Coworking Assembly community.

We are approaching you to get your views on starting a joint lobby effort to Government to request that our sector also gets business rates relief on same parity than the retail and hospitality sector. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate to Government the important role workspaces play in successfully providing flexible office spaces to micro businesses and SMEs.

We would request that 

  1. Government provides business rates relief and in exchange the savings will be passed to the tenants and 
  2. that tenants have access to the small business grants.

If you would like to support the joint lobby, please email Sarah and myself and we will draft a letter and circulate to all you for signature.

Once a letter is drafted, we will also seek the support of other workspaces in London.

We would like to send a letter to Government by early next week, so we would appreciate your prompt response.

Stay safe,

Simon and Sarah

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