A step-by-step guide to making your coworking space accessible

How to make your space more inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible to those who make use of them is widely discussed in the coworking community.

As stated by DeskMag; ‘Accessibility is, of course, the geographical proximity of the space to the coworker’s dwelling, but ‘accessibility’ goes far beyond this. The general rule is that, the easier it is to enter and exit the space, the more ‘accessible’ that space is.’

Membership fees vs. paying by the hour, operating hours and furniture can all go a long way towards making your space more open, welcoming and accommodating of the members you’d like to attract.

This month, as part of the Coworking I.D.E.A Project, Ivanne Poussier, #FutureOfWork expert, CEO and Co-founder at Ada Coworking, along with David O’Coimin inclusion specialist and Creative Director at Nook Pod, offers a step-by-step guide to making your coworking space accessible.

Visit the May Coworking I.D.E.A. Project event calendar for more details!

Listen to Ivanne and David speak about moving the needle towards accessibility in the Coworking Values Podcast here.


May 19 2021


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