Bursting The B Corp Bubble: Can The Pillars Of The Movement Benefit Everyone Involved In Coworking, Certified Or Not?

We love terms like award-winning, most enormous, fastest-growing, high growth, CSR, leading, global, best in class, shareholder value, and world domination.

But these words come from long ago: an ego-driven, 20th Century industrial complex mode of operating which drove businesses a long time before we wrote this event description. 

That time is gone.

The London Coworking Assembly invites you to have a different and better conversation about running a profitable, sustainable business centred on your values.

This conversation started at the September London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show when some coworking B Corp folks connected and sought ways to support each other. 

Since then the interest in operating as a B Corp in the coworking scene has only grown in and around the London Coworking Assembly. People want a guide and we are just the people to do that.

This does not mean that everyone has to join the B Corp Club. Sometimes the value of a guide is to let you know when not to go that way. It is an opportunity to take positive, ongoing collective action.

We already have an active conversation about how coworking spaces can help their local governments take action on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Combining the energy between London Coworking Assembly, B Corps, and other initiatives creates more resources for the London community

Coworking spaces of all shapes and sizes are good places to support local businesses, start-ups, freelancers, and corporate teams to contribute to the local and national economies. 

More coworking spaces than ever are entering the B Corp certification program, and London is in one of the most challenging economic and social times ever. 

We can either sit around and bitch and whine on social media or hit the streets and combine our positive actions to support each other.

Our friends at Urban MBA are co-creating this event with us and will document the story before, during, and after the event to help connect people and accounts and keep the conversation alive. 

Who should attend this event?

The content and conversation are for any coworking space owner, operator, community manager, or local London authority.

If you are part of the London Coworking community, please join. 


Caleb Parker founder of Bold


Anna Chuicharoen from TownSq

Sophie Turnbull from Work.Life

Alex Young from Projects


Urban MBA


09:00 Doors open

09:30 Breakfast and welcome

10:00 Main conversation kicks off

11:00 Wrap up


Mar 30 2023


09:30 - 11:00


x+why, People's Mission Hall
20-30 Whitechapel road, London E11EW United Kingdom
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