Coworking Marketing Round Table

You will be expecting this line to read something like “ten tips to 10X your marketing.”


Maybe for you, it seems everyone but you has their marketing act together.

What tactic should you do next, first?

How much should you be spending on marketing?

Does advertising on Facebook or with Google work?

Do I need an email newsletter?

Does it work to “spray and pray?”

How can I get the most out of Google for business?

What are people looking for?

How will I know if they really love me?

Do I use a desk booking app? Which one?

Do I hire a marketing person?

Do I need to make more time or spend more money?

Should I start a podcast?

Should I blog?

Do I need TikTok?


Who knows?

On June 29th we’ll be doing a marketing round table.

No slides, no presentations and not another top ten tips you’ll read and never use.

We’ll run a fast-paced curated discussion to tease out the confusion and blocks we all experience as we strive to communicate any product or service.

You leave with a couple of strong tactics you will actually be able to keep doing.

You’ll find out what other people are doing that works.

And most importantly everyone will share what does not work and why.



Jun 29 2022


10:00 - 14:00


Creative Works
Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow E17 6DS
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