Designing a Coworking Space in 2023

Coworking: Making the most of the space you have

Coworking is a means of bringing together various people into a space designed to help them work and form connections. 

There is no set clientele for coworking spaces; whether you are a student, remote worker, freelancer, or contract worker, you are welcome. 

Having no set clientele is one of the critical aspects of coworking spaces that makes them unique from other working environments as it strives to create a sense of belonging and form a community in a new area. 

Forming connections and speaking to people from different businesses helps us be more creative, flexible, and productive and has more opportunities.  

One of the appealing parts of a coworking space is how welcoming, inclusive and unique it is to customers, clients and employees. 

No coworking space is going to be a replica of another coworking space. 

They may have similar elements, such as workstations and office utilities, but they each have their style. 

When designing these spaces, different factors of the environment are taken into account, such as how much natural light is in the facility and separating louder areas from the quiet areas to accommodate meetings. 

Accommodating the client’s needs when creating the space, incorporating warm tones into the space, and ensuring there is a set level of comfort and accessibility for everyone, can make clients experience a sense of belonging.      

What is interesting about the current working mindset is how much we are starting to question what is considered the “normal” way of working.  

Many of us wonder why we are only encouraged to work in an office space or take our work home when we can achieve the same level of productivity in other environments. 

Additionally, the attitude of overworking yourself is no longer seen as normal; people want a more flexible and relaxed work-life balance. 

Flexible working life is also what makes coworking spaces so attractive, as you can form meaningful connections with other people from different companies for work and genuine relationships. 

The LCA is excited to be a part of the Workspace Design Show, taking place here in London.

We will be hosting Coworking: Making the most of the space you have, with:

Coworking Spain’s Marc Navarro an expert in design principles.

The CEO of Coworkies, Pauline Roussel, who has visited over 400 coworking spaces across the world.

Karen West-Whylie, Founder of Three-Sixty Workrooms, experienced in starting up new local workspaces.

And, David O’Coimin, the Founder Director of Nook Wellness Pods, an expert in designing space to accommodate people’s needs.

MATT PR founder Aceil Haddad will lead this extraordinary panel.


Finally, we thank Nexudus for being our co-creator for this event.    

Order of events:

Doors open: 9:00am

Take your seats: 9:30am

Discussion starts: 10:00am

Wrap up: 11:00am

Attendees are welcome to stay for the WDS evening party on the 27th at The Revival Bar.


Feb 27 2023


09:00 - 11:00


Business Design Center
Business Design Center, 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH, United Kingdom
London Coworking Assembly


London Coworking Assembly
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