London Coworking Assembly April Breakfast Show Event Details

The Ecosystem of Startups in London

Welcome to the April London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show.

Are you one of those people in London making $hit happen for yourself AND your local community? 

▶️ You could be doing any of these things and more:

▶️ Building products 

▶️ Running courses

▶️ Founding a Start-up or projects

▶️ Researching books

▶️ Growing charities & other community groups

▶️ Making films and podcasts

We’d love you to join a special event at the UCL Innovation & Enterprise – at the Base KX centre where we gather creators, starters, freelancers, founders, “independent economic agents”, or whatever you want to call yourself.

Our co-creators for this month’s Event are OfficeRnD | Flex & Hybrid Work Platform, which grew out for the London start-up and coworking scene in 2015
techlondon, an indie slack channel of 10K+ London-centered start-up and creator community founded in 2014. 

You’ll also connect with other people who run groups, networks, and ecosystems in London neighbourhoods, from small self-organised groups to local authorities and collectives. 

As a city, we’re in one of the tightest economic spots we’ve experienced in recent decades, and connection and community around starting projects and businesses have never been more critical. 

Through the London Coworking Assembly, we’ve got to know many groups and people making things happen. 

With this event, we’re seeking to connect people who are already making things happen with other people to help move everyone’s project forward.

⚡️The main goal of the April event

➡️ Our primary goal is to connect people and projects that are already happening, not invent new things. 

➡️ Over the last fifteen years of being on Meet Up AND part of the London coworking community, we’ve met hundreds, maybe thousands, of people struggling to make something happen and often failing. 

➡️ One of the main reasons is that they did not know other people working towards the same goal or building a similar project – they thought they were the only ones.

⚡️Is this only for start-ups?

Because it clearly says start-up on the poster!

To be clear – you DON’T need to be an Uber-cool start-up dude! 

(TBH, if you have a poster of Elon, Travis or Richard on your wall, this event is not for you.) 

The event is free to attend and is a “no-pitch” event – it’s all about connecting.

⚡️What is a London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show all about?

➡️ Every month, we run a breakfast event for London Coworking Assembly. 

➡️ We’ve done 30+ in-person “Breakfast Shows” since 2018 + as hundreds of other workshops, webinars and conferences. 

➡️ April’s Event is a collaboration with groups of people all over London who are keen to connect and help build their projects and support others in their area.

➡️ The format is a workshop to instigate discussion for helping each other to move projects forward, get ideas, and solve blocks and problems in your work.

➡️ The work and research of our constant collaborators TownSq and Urban MBA, inspired much of this event’s content. 

⚡️ Event running order 

09:00 Doors Open, and coffee

09:30 Breakfast – tea, coffee, fruit and pastries

09:45 Welcome and introduction by Jerry Allen, Director for Entrepreneurship, UCL Innovation & Enterprise

10:00 Main Workshop led by Gareth I. Jones and team.

The workshop is a series of questions and exercises to help you find people and ideas.

You’ll meet new people and be able to talk about what you are working on.

Ideally, you’ll discover more people and projects in London and your local area. 

11:00 – Wrap up

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Apr 18 2023


09:00 - 11:00


103c Camley St, London N1C 4PF, United Kingdom
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