EMPATHY & AI & Coworking Join Lena and Minter for a powerful one-hour workshop, designed specifically for London-based coworking space owners and community managers.

Empathy, AI & Coworking – London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show!

Invitation to a London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show: Empathy, AI & Coworking – Guiding the Future of Your Workspace

Dear London-based coworking space owners and community managers,

Step into a space of curiosity and discovery at our upcoming one-hour London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show, “Empathy, AI & Coworking.”

This session, crafted to bolster both your personal and professional growth, will fortify the bonds within our ever-expanding coworking industry.

Guiding us through this transformative journey will be our expert speakers, Lena Rantsevich and Minter Dial, who will delve into the pivotal relationship between Empathy and AI and their increasing influence on our workspaces.

We’ll navigate the complexities of remote work, member engagement, and the future of coworking spaces, equipping ourselves with the knowledge to guide our businesses and members into the future.

Prepare for a series of thought-provoking discussions and practical insights on how to foster a supportive, innovative community culture, improve member relationships, and enhance your workspace environment.

But it’s not all about learning.

This unique event offers an excellent platform to connect with like-minded professionals and share your experiences and solutions to common challenges.

We aim to create an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and shared success.

So, join us as we empower ourselves to lead in a future where empathy and AI coexist and thrive.

As part of the London Coworking Assembly community, your input is highly valued and we eagerly anticipate the unique perspectives you’ll bring to the table.

Explore, connect, and grow with us as we navigate the exciting journey of guiding our coworking businesses into the future.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Our events are free because companies and authorities in London work together with us to support the coworking revolution.

Listen to the podcast with Minter and Lena on the Coworking Values Podcast here.

p.s. We’ll be following this workshop up in September with a full-on debate about the future of work!

The event is finished.


Jul 04 2023


09:30 - 11:00


Sandbox Workspace London Bridge
6th floor, 46-48, Red Lion Court, Park St, London SE1 9EQ, United Kingdom
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