How Inclusion is key for Sustainability in Coworking 

What is more important in London coworking?

Inclusion and Diversity OR Sustainability?

It is not a choice, and we need both.

And we can have both – It is already happening.

Join us for another no-bull London Coworking Assembly event that focuses on advancing your coworking space.

The line-up for March: 

Hosted by:
Tash Thomas – Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the European Coworking Assembly and;

Naima Omasta-Milsom – Managing Director at the London Business Partnership

Your panel:

John Williams – Chief Marketing Officer at The Instant Group

Shazia Mustafa — Co-founder of Third Door, Coworking & Nursery.

Dale Thomson – Regeneration & Economic Development at Islington Council

Who is this event for? 

DaleShazia, and John, have direct experience of the social, economic, and commercial challenges of coworking in London.

Whether you identify as a shared workspace, flex space, art space, coworking space, office space in town, or a neighbourhood space, this event will help you.

Why do I need inclusion in my coworking business?

Right now, our coworking and shared workspace industry have got the interest of people in London like never before.

And inclusion is more connected to your business than you may think.

But what does inclusion mean for your London coworking business, your marketing, and your local area?

Inclusion is sustainability, the more inclusive, diverse, and accessible your coworking space is the better it will do

How to turn all these words and terms into action is confusing and hard work when you are running a business.

Meeting your fellow London coworking industry peers in local events and communities like this will help you work this out as you grow.

Where is the Future Of Work?

And as our friend Neil Usher says, the ‘future of work is in the present.’

You read every week on All Work how the future of work is changing.

How everyone wants to ‘Boot the commute‘, and we’ve all been thinking, ‘What if everyone could walk to work?

Could flexible workspace on the high street be the next big thing? Read here.

With projects like our Coworking I.D.E.A. Project, you can make coworking and shared workspaces for everyone in London.

Build an inclusive London coworking industry now. 

At this event and in the London Coworking Assembly, you can find out how to help your members, run your business, and build an inclusive city for everyone one day at a time.

Attending this event is part of a London coworking conversation that has been happening for years, and we’d love you to join our network.

Every month we run punchy, no-bull, connected, and interactive online events for you to connect with your industry peers in London and grow your coworking business.

We’re part of a U.K., European and Global coworking conversation of industry champions and workspace academic research groups.


Mar 25 2021


10:30 - 11:30


Online event
London Coworking Assembly


London Coworking Assembly
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