Coworking To Rebuild This City – helping people create value in and for our communities

The co-producers for this month are, London Borough of Kingston and Big South London.

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Workshop hosted by Gareth Jones Co-Founder of TownSq


We’re making this month’s London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show more interactive for you. 


It’s easy to hear theories and insights about the future of work; 15 Minutes Cities debate about whether robots will take over all our jobs in the next five years. 


But how does that help you right here right now?


What matters now is how we, as business owners and participants in our local communities, create and grow coworking spaces that contribute to the local economy and build a solid future. 


We are often torn between taking care of our own business or projects and helping others. 


Our August Breakfast Show is a workshop where you’ll divide into small groups to share ideas about how your coworking space can create value for you and the local community. 


The London Coworking Assembly and Town Square are always driving towards a world where a coworking space is more than a place where you book a desk. 


There are thousands of real-life stories of coworking spaces, their owners and members creating economic and social value for themselves and the local community. 


Local coworking is a long-established practice and moved past the ‘proof of concept’ well over a decade ago. 


The question for us as an industry now is not ‘could we?’


The question now is how to make this happen in 2022?


Now the rest of the world is looking for ways to adapt to working after the COVID pandemic changed the game forever.


Join us on the 2nd of August in Kingston as we bring together some of the best voices from around London in coworking, local authorities and technology for a full-on conversation about how we can rebuild this city with coworking. 


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Aug 02 2022


09:30 - 11:30


Queen Anne Suite, The Kingston Guildhall
High Street, Kingston KT1 1EU
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