London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show November 2022: Can coworking unf*ck Work? 

We’re on the edge of our seats to welcome you to the London Coworking Assembly Breakfast show.

Join us on the 16th of November at x+why in Holborn – doors open at 09:00


Can coworking unf*ck Work? 

As people in London’s coworking and flexible workspace industry, you will want to say yes, coworking can unf*ck work!

But can all those shiny coworking spaces do anything to save people from the 20th Century factory we call the office? 

To many of you reading these words, ‘work’ means ‘find a desk and open a laptop’, but in London, millions of people go to work doing other things.


Can coworking resolve many of the problems associated with work? It might not solve them all, but what contribution can it make?

It means taking the thinking upstream, looking at the nature of work rather than just where we do it.

Join us on the 16th of November in Holborn for one of the most daring and honest debates we’ve done so far.

Everyone that runs or works from a coworking space in London is welcome to join.


The future of Work is right here and right now. 

COVID only accelerated how people worked, and coworking spaces have always been a little ahead of the curve. 

If you were around for the last economic crash of 2008, you would have seen the number of coworking spaces exploding. 

Some of you even opened your coworking spaces then. 


What to expect in this session

Our host and panellists have been part of London’s coworking and construction conversation for the last decade.

They have been researching, building and implementing the work from their roles in academia and the public and commercial sectors.

When you sign up for the event, we’ll email you a few articles and podcasts to provoke your thinking so you can come to get even more out of the conversation at the event.



Neil Usher, author of Unf*cking Work: How to fix it for good

Fiona Ross from Pink Scottie Ltd

Irene Manzini Ceinar, PhD candidate at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL



Joyce Ogunade from the Head of Affordable Workspace Programme – London Borough of Islington


We are where we are

If you have been selling coworking space in London for long enough, at some point, someone will have told you, “work is something we do, not a place we go.” 

And to be fair, that line SOUNDS even more accurate in our “remote first” Work from home (WFH) post-COVID economic apocalypse. 

But is it?


“Hard work never hurt anyone.”

But WFM and remote work has people working more than ever, even though they have ‘booted the commute.’  

Companies will tell you, “it’s not a blame culture” and “we trust our people”, then install computer tracking software.

How does this dynamic work with the ‘coworking ideal’ of community, collaboration and innovation dream we market to London about coworking?

Inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) are constant topics for the London Coworking Assembly, and you’ll hear companies proclaim, “we are an equal opportunities employer.”

Yet all the workspace and coworking conferences have panels of 80% white middle-class men talking about their latest idea, which was once someone else’s. 

Do you think coworking in London is as diverse as we like to believe?

Are our London coworking industry and community promoting ‘coworking for the 1%’ or ‘coworking for all?’


“People are our greatest asset.”

Maybe coworking is working, and we’re poking the box about nothing with this event? 

Maybe you think, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, because you get to your coworking space, and it’s like “one big start-up family”, and people are always saying, “this IS a great place to work!”


Culture eats strategy for breakfast. 

And we’re always building on the collective culture while eating breakfast at the London Coworking Assembly,

Please come and participate at 100 miles an hour because “teamwork makes the dream work”; this is the 28th breakfast event we’ve done, and the level of connection and conversation is both advanced and welcoming. 


Join us on the 16th of November at x+why in Holborn.

  • Doors open – 09:00 am
  • Breakfast from 09:30 am
  • Get to your seat – 09:50 am
  • The main event – 10:00 am
  • Wrap up -10:50 am
  • Get going at – 11:00 am



Nov 16 2022


09:30 - 11:00
London Coworking Assembly


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