London Coworking March Monthly Huddle

In the first of our monthly huddle, or networking events hosted by Tash and Bernie.

Where is breakfast?

Those monthly breakfasts where we’d meet in person where the best!

Meeting and chatting in small groups is one of the things you all say you miss.

The London Coworking Assembly Huddle is where we’ll connect once a month to chat.

A huddle is a place where the real help, connect, and magic happens in a community.

In any industry, the more you talk with your peers, the better you do.

This event will be a short networking event.

Small groups and then feedback on topics to cover events and blogs.

5-minute Demo of the London Coworking Assembly membership area.

It is super simple and is one member page that directs you to offers, workshops, events and something else.

IDEA project exercise here. (See below.)

What does inclusion mean?

Inclusion is more connected to your business than you may think.

One of the most significant conversations in the global coworking community is the Coworking I.D.E.A. Project about 

Making coworking more:






But what does inclusion mean for your London coworking business, your marketing and your local area? 

Where is the Future Of Work?

You read every week on All Work how the future of work is changing. 

How everyone wants to ‘Boot the commute‘, and we’ve all been thinking, ‘What if everyone could walk to work?‘ 

Attending this event is part of a London coworking conversation that has been happening for years, and we’d love you to join it. 

Every month we run punchy, no-bull, connected and interactive online events for you to connect with industry peers in London and grow your coworking business. 

We’re part of a U.K., European and Global coworking conversation of industry champions and workspace academic research groups.


Mar 18 2021


10:30 - 11:30


Online event
London Coworking Assembly


London Coworking Assembly
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