Neighbourhood Coworking Space: Fact or Fiction?

Is the next golden age of Coworking is happening now?

We’ve seen everyone boot the commute since March 2020 when COVID and Lockdown hit the UK.

Every week we hear a new story about the future of work, the new normal and back to work.

But what is really happening to coworking and the shared workspace industry?

There is a lot of press and PR generated by companies and events who are heavily invested in us going ‘back to the office’ mainly because they own those offices.

Join our next London Coworking Assembly conversation about the rising neighbourhood and work near home movement.

Hosted by:

Naima Omasta-Milsom and Tash Thomas,

In this event, we are joined by

Nina Franco – Community Organiser at ARC Club

Jamie Dundas – Founder at Monday Works

Freddie Fforde —  Founder at Patch

Questions to look at

Will we ever commute again?

How will people adapt to not commuting?

Is work near home a real thing?

Is there a genuine demand for local workspace?

What are the challenges of starting a coworking space outside of a city?

How do you educate the local market?

What role does a local workspace play in a small town or commuter area?

How do you build a relationship with the local authority? 

Will companies pay for their staff to use coworking spaces?

How is a corporate client different from a freelancer, micro-business or agency? 

The event is finished.


May 27 2021


10:30 - 11:30



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London Coworking Assembly
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