Newsletters and How to Ace it!

If you have any website, community, offline business, online business, run a huge corporate or neighborhood watch group, you need to have an email newsletter.


Why email?

Ever since humans started using email, the highest conversion rate, how many people buy something or click yes to doing something is after reading an email.

Collecting email addresses on your platform with permission is way more valuable than likes or followers on a social network.

When someone gives you their email address, they provide you with permission to contact them; it is the same feeling of value as them giving you £20.

What’s the point of a newsletter anyway?

Your newsletter is the perfect vessel for building relationships and providing value to your audience.

It’s not a reason for you to just talk about your company.

It’s not a place to copy and paste your blog or website content.

It’s most definitely not a medium for directly selling your products.

You can drip a little bit of this stuff into your newsletter.

But only long as the bulk of your content provides incredible value to your readers.

People don’t buy from you just because you’re selling something they want/need.

They buy from you – out of all the other companies selling the same thing – because they like and trust you.

Sharing great thought-led content increases and strengthens engagement, allowing you to stay connected to your contacts.

You can create a sense of community with your newsletter, you can make it something desirable to receive and read!

And you can utilise it as a helpful tool to help you sell your products indirectly.

Newsletters are:

A medium for providing high value and insight-driven content

A regular form of communication that focuses on the interests of the reader

A great way to showcase your expertise and build trust in your brand

Newsletters are not:

For hard-selling your products and services

Just a quick roundup of your blog or website content

A place for you to boast about your company

Your newsletters can contain a variety of things.

That variety might be wide (creating a real chunky newsletter), or it might be boiled-down (and very short).

Can’t make the meetup?
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