Hitch Hikers Guide To Opening A Coworking Space

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Previously in the Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show, we talked about:

‘The Rise of the Creator Economy in Coworking Spaces.’

‘Coworking to Rebuild this City.’

‘How to Scale your Coworking Space.’

‘Who is your Coworking Space for?’ 

It seems like everyone and their dog is opening a coworking space in London these days, and if you thought the market was expanding in 2015, what is happening now is the after-party that was better than the original gig.


How society thinks about everyday work has shifted forever, we’ve booted the commute, and remote working has never been more mainstream.


The coworking industry is integral to this shift in helping people make the transition and being available to offer space, but how do you open a coworking space?


Buy a building, refurbish it and hope people come?




But of course, you know where is a better way, and at this month’s Breakfast Show, we’ll be discussing how to do that.


The reason to show up to this is to share knowledge, ask questions and add to the already collaborative nature of the London Coworking Assembly.


Most people who attend this will already have opened a coworking space and will either be looking to form new partnerships or open a second space.There are those of you who want to open a brand new space and space, and this is the place to come to hear how not to do it and who best to talk to in London.


We’re also launching our monthly Learning Expeditions of London coworking spaces, so you’ll be able to visit an area of London, tour spaces in the London Coworking Assembly and chat with fellow operators.

You’ll hear from:

Sophie Turnbull – Work.life

David Brown – Good Space

Vibushan Thirukumar – Oru Space

Hosted by:

Aceil Haddad – Founder at MATT PR


Sep 06 2022


09:30 - 11:00


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