The Rise Of The Creator Economy In London’s Coworking Spaces

Join The May London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show @ Impact Brixton from 09:30 – 11:00

Thank you to David and Nook Wellness Pods for supporting this month’s event.

Some of our best conversations around coworking, creativity, and neurodiversity have happened with David.

What is all this Creator Economy stuff, and how does that help my London coworking business?

In London, we always talk about SMEs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups – but an even bigger group of people are alive, kicking and creating. 

They are ‘self-starters’ who self identify as ‘creators’, which we call the ‘Creator Economy.’

WTF is the – ‘Creator Economy’? 

Is that another crappy buzzword I need to use?



A creator economy is a diverse group of people who make their money from:

  • Digital Products
  • Advertising
  • Physical Products – Etsy to pop up stores and fashion
  • Membership websites
  • Content Creation, video, podcasts, blogs etc.

We’ll be discussing how you can serve London creators, connect with them and help them build their community.

People are at the heart of the creator economy — it’s even in the name.

From the coaches and artists to the married with kids and the 71-year-old creators, and even the 24% of creators who got their start during the pandemic; if you’ve ever doubted whether it was possible to be a full-time creator, buckle up — It’s not as rare as you might think.”

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The lineup:

Kate Allen Executive Programme Manager Impact Brixton

Abdiqani H. Ahmed (Abdi) Founder and CEO of Lioncreed

Saskia Summerhill – Apprenticeship Operations Lead, Recruitment manager @ Big Creative Education

Your host is Gerald Vanderpuye, co-founder of Impact Brixton.


Running Order:

09:00 – doors open

09:30 – Breakfast and connecting

10:00 Main event and welcome

10:10 Main discussion

11:00 Wrap up and end

The nearest tube is Brixton in Zone 2 on the Victoria line; Impact
 Brixton is a two-minute walk from the station off the famous Electric Avenue 



May 27 2022


09:30 - 11:00


Impact Brixton
17a Electric Ln, London SW9 8LA
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