Want To Make A Strong Impact With Your Local Coworking Space?

As a London Coworking Space owner or community manager, you’re always working hard.

Two things top of mind are running a business and making a positive impact in your local area.

But how do you juggle it all?


What is Making an impact?

How do you connect with your local London authority?

How do you find support, plug into projects and connect with people in your area?

How does a local authority want you to measure impact?

What tools do they use? Is it numbers in a spreadsheet or software?

What is ‘impact’ anyway?

And who cares?


COVID = Collaboration over competition.

COVID brought us a scramble for working together as we fight for economic survival.

Join us at this event when yet again, we cut through the jargon for you to connect and share ideas.

You’ll hear from real humans who are active in London’s Coworking industry; and staff from across London’s local authorities.

All these people are in action every day to make London happen again.

What Next?

January’s event was a massive connection and learning event for everyone, and we’re building on that positive energy here.

RSVP for free and strap in for an action-packed hour of interactive conversation from people doing the work in London as we speak.

Hosted by:

Naima Omasta-Milsom and Tash Thomas,

On the panel are:

Gerald Vanderpuye Co-founder of Impact Brixton

Elena Giroli Change and Communication Manager at Creative Works

Mathieu Rogers – Area Regeneration Manager of London Borough of Hackney


Feb 25 2021


10:30 - 11:30


Online event
London Coworking Assembly


London Coworking Assembly
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