Your Personal Branding is Missing One Thing and That’s a Problem

How to transform your personal brand to help your career and business grow is something every business owner should know.

In this session you will learn to create a ‘personal elevator pitch’ that clearly explains your brand: what you do and how you help others. 

Join StoryBrand experts Jo Caruana and James Pogson, and create your ‘personal elevator pitch’ using the StoryBrand framework for successful results.

Learn what StoryBrand is and the 7-step framework to follow as a guideline, what to get focussed on when getting started and experience practical examples as the webinar unfolds.

About the Hosts:

Jo Caruana

From performing in sell-out comedy shows to running a group of companies from the boat she calls home, Jo Caruana loves the journey – and she is passionate about helping others to enjoy the process of achieving success in their businesses. 

As the founder of the Finesse Group, Jo and her team help global businesses to curate all aspects of their customer journey – from their marketing and communication to their business etiquette, client interaction processes, cross-cultural intelligence, and sales language. Jo is also a certified StoryBrand Guide, and she believes the tried-and-tested SB7 framework can assist any company or personal brand to simplify their message, strengthen their marketing, and achieve their business goals.

James Pogson

James fell into Marketing & Sales because he wanted businesses and people to flourish and grow. 

Recognising how many businesses still struggle to clearly explain what they do and why he should buy from them, James found StoryBrand and qualified as a certified guide. 

As a strong believer in the StoryBrand framework and seeing proven success how the ‘StoryBrand SB7 methodology’ brings a clear message, James helps his clients tell their stories by strengthening personal brand profiles and accelerating business growth.


May 12 2021


12:00 - 12:00




Online event
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