This blog post is brought to you by Syncaroo!

As a coworking or flex space it’s likely that you have your space registered on a ton of listing sites in an effort to reach as many people as possible. But with this approach also comes the tedious task of always ensuing that these listings are 100% up to date and reflecting your latest information. 

For Hector Kolonas and his years of experience in dealing with coworking spaces and supporting community managers with other apps to improve flex-workspace experiences, has uncovered the hassle this exercise becomes and the time and resources it wastes to keep up to date. The manual process of continuously copying and pasting data over from one platform to another also makes room for mistakes to happen.

Change is guaranteed

In a world where we are always changing, it is of utmost importance to display the correct information, as losses can be incurred, let alone the reputational damage and loss of trust when users come across conflicting pricing and offers. In addition, leaving passwords to these sites exposed puts your listing in a vulnerable position too. 

It’s these factors that encouraged Hector and fellow innovators to come up with a simple solution – Syncaroo, a web utility that integrates with most management software and updates your workspace information across all your listings.

Syncaroo allows you to make one set of changes in your management system, and it will automagically update your connected listings across the board. Currently, it syncs updates to inventory, pricing and operating hours to a growing number of platforms, listings, broker sites, aggregators and alliances websites. They’re also working on syncing images and other marketing media, and even suggesting other opportunities to list your coworking spaces. Now that’s intuitive!

Forming valuable alliances

Alliances and partnerships are driving decisions and are informing coworking spaces of the best routes to go for their business. Syncaroo believes that alliances will also increasingly become local sign-posts for a whole new group of flex space users. This is why we, the London Coworking Assembly, are proud to have joined forces with Syncaroo. Not only can listings on our upcoming member map get automatically updated, but through our member perks programme the first 100 LCA members to register with Syncaroo will lock in the early-bird price of $99 (approx £73) per location per year, a saving of $150 (approx. £150) per year per space.

It is important to be visible to the public, but visibility with inefficiencies or errors in your information hurts your brand – something no one can afford in the economic climate we’re facing. With Syncaroo you have evergreen discoverability – you’re always up to date everywhere you should be!