E17 Coworking Expedition

As a London coworking space operator in 2022, you will have seen a massive change in how people work and public awareness of coworking and flexible work practices. 

Our regular Coworking Expeditions will bring you closer to more active collaboration and ideas.

The Online Place For People Who Run A London Coworking Community.

Everyone Deserves A Community To Help Them Succeed In Their Business.

If your coworking business made it through 2021, you are now thinking about how to make it through 2022.

Don’t go through it alone, stop googling for answers and get connected with your fellow London Coworking peers.

Are you about to open a coworking space in London?

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Inside this community you’ll get connected to over a decade of space design, workspace research, software development, marketing and hyper-local knowledge.

thinking coworking

What is the future of work?

How and where we work was already changing and the COVID pandemic accelerated those changes by a decade. 

As author and workplace strategist Neil Usher says:

“The future of work is in the present.”

Join the London Coworking Assembly

London Coworking Assembly is a community of some of the first people who opened coworking spaces more than a decade ago, and people who brought a new spin on the term.

We’ve been meeting in London since 2014 and through 2020, connection became even stronger.

We’re on a mission to continue to build the coworking and shared workspace industry in London into a community that champions the local economy and inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility alongside building a profitable business.

We’re not a clique, exclusive business club with golf days, personalised number plates and membership gimmicks. ​

London Coworking Assembly is a group of people made up of some of the first people who opened coworking spaces more than a decade ago and people who brought a new spin on the term.

"We’re your friendly neighbourhood coworking crew!"

Partners & Supporters

When you get inside you’ll have access to member-only events and offers that will support you in connecting with others, learning about building your coworking business and working with local London authorities.

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