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Are you about to open a coworking space in London?

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Inside this community, you’ll get connected to over a decade of space design, workspace research, software development, marketing and hyper-local knowledge.

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What Is The Future Of Work?

How and where we work was already changing and the COVID pandemic accelerated those changes by a decade.

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As author and workplace strategist Neil Usher says:

“The future of work is in the present.”

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London Coworking Assembly is a community of some of the first people who opened coworking spaces more than a decade ago, and people who brought a new spin on the term.

We’re on a mission to continue to build the coworking and shared workspace industry in London into a community that champions the local economy and inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility alongside building a profitable business.

We’ve been meeting in London since 2014 and through 2020, connection became even stronger.

We’re not a clique, exclusive business club with golf days, personalised number plates and membership gimmicks. ​

London Coworking Assembly is a group of people made up of some of the first people who opened coworking spaces more than a decade ago and people who brought a new spin on the term.

“We’re your friendly neighbourhood coworking crew!”

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When you get inside you’ll have access to member-only events and offers that will support you in connecting with others, learning about building your coworking business and working with local London authorities.