Gareth Jones: Creating Value and Rebuilding with Coworking

In this latest episode of Coworking Values Podcast, we welcome Gareth Jones Co-Founder of TownSq back. 
Gareth and Bernie will be talking about the incoming Workshop on the 2nd of August: Coworking To Rebuild This City – helping people create value in and for our communities which Gareth will be hosting. 
They will talk about the relationship between local coworking spaces and the communities within them with the local economy, the local authority, or the local government. 
And how we, as business owners and community members, create and grow coworking spaces that benefit the local economy and build a strong future.
Join us on August 2nd in Kingston as we bring together some of London’s top voices in coworking, local government, and technology for a full-fledged conversation about how we can rebuild this city through coworking. Our co-producers for this month are, London Borough of Kingston and Big South London. With our Media sponsor – AllWork.Space .


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