Dr. Janet Merkel: The Notion Of Coworking And Its Value

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Hello folks! Welcome to another Coworking Values Podcast! We’re really excited for this episode. We’re going to learn more about the coworking industry today with our guest, Dr. Janet Merkel.

Dr. Janet Merkel is a Guest Professor for Urban and Regional Economics at University of Kassel in Kassel Hessen Germany.  She is known for her research work about Coworking spaces together with academic papers about cultural production, development of culture in creative industries and cities. She has a background in Urban Sociology. 

We are going to be deep-diving on her research including what she has discovered about the coworking industry, the notion of coworking, the value of coworking for freelancers and the industry during Covid. 

What is this notion of coworking? 

For me, coworking is a way of working, of people alongside each other in a sort of shared setting that can be in a specific place called a coworking space.

But there are other ways of doing that. And I think we see that too. And what we have nowadays is quite an equated diversity of places that claim to be coworking spaces. And we also see a great mixture in terms of very small spaces up to highly commercialized.

 And that is, I guess, what people in that freelance forum relate to, you know, we have a couple of globally operating coworking space providers like WeWork which has probably the most well known that aggressively build up spaces in the big cities around the world. But there are other companies like Regis as well, who do that. And of course, the experience of using one of those spaces, then as a coworker might differ significantly. 


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