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Another Podcast is up! We are here with Johanna Voll from Germany and Hector Kosanas from the USA who are going to tell us all about their new project: The Crisis Directory. 

They will be diving into how the Crisis Directory will help the coworking community not just in this current crisis but for coming crises as well and what kind of resources are available for everyone in the coworking industry. They will also be talking about how this current project of theirs is available globally for the whole coworking community.

What is the Crisis Directory?

The crisis directory is an online resource, just like the Coworking Library. Here you can share any resource that has helped you and your business in this crisis, and find resources that have helped other people. 

You can filter by language or by location, and find out the things that might be helpful to you that you may not find through your daily scan through the Facebook timeline, or that just get lost there somewhere. 

We wanted to build a place online where you can find all those resources that really helped you and others.

How does it work?

There is a really simple form on our website. It asks you for a brief description, just so people can know what they’re clicking on.

And then you can essentially just link out to the official documentation. We aren’t asking for any uploads. We aren’t asking you to create any formatted content. You don’t even have to upload an image. It’s just an opportunity to share information.

And then the idea is once it’s shared, and we have enough resources, we can create discussions around each resource, having people over then go in and put in inputs, for example, on requesting a grant, what was the process for you? This didn’t work for me because my business didn’t qualify for XYZ. 

That kind of second-tier crowdsourcing allows people to know whether a resource is right for them, as opposed to having to cycle through, you know, 100 different local government websites or 100 organisations and nonprofits and all these things. 

So the need is for people to just list whatever is available in their region, in their locality, or from businesses that you know of who are doing something COVID related. Obviously, if businesses want to support businesses through discounts, definitely check out included.co. That’s what we do. That’s our job. That’s our day to day. But for everything else, you know, that is strictly designed to financially support humans, businesses and organisations and communities through COVID add those to the Crisis Directory

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