Podcast Rewind: A Message For Our Friends In Ukraine

It has been 179 days since Russia invaded Ukraine, and as their 31st Independence Day approaches, they are on high alert, fearing that Russia will launch an attack.

And in this podcast, are the first wave of messages of support for our Ukrainian friends. To remind them and show ongoing support.

We are still here to help and support you.

Here at the European Coworking Assembly, we encourage our Ukrainian friends to contact us if they require assistance, as well as our coworking friends who can assist.

In these trying times, we as a community must step up to assist and support our neighbours as we strive for a more peaceful and accepting future.

In one of his books, Elie Wiesel said, “The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.”

Our way to share our love is to tell you how we feel and to state our stand regarding the war in Ukraine.

The European Coworking Assembly brings you some messages from our members to inspire a sense of togetherness against uncertainty.


Introduction: Jeanine van der Linden – Netherlands


Johanna Vol – Germany


Piotr Boulangé – Poland


Hector Kolonas – United States of America


Lea Turner – Slovenia


Jeanine van der Linden – Netherlands


Patricia Salmič – Slovenia


Manuel Zea – Spain


Jose Antonio Morales – Slovenia


Bernie J Mitchell – United Kingdom


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