co-produce a London Coworking breakfast Show!

We’re looking for companies to co-produce our London Breakfast Show for November and December 2022 & January and February 2023.

Who gets my money?

We have London coworking spaces ready to host, but they do not have the budget to feed forty or fifty people, so we always need to cover the cost of breakfast.

We also hire young people from Urban MBA to create bespoke artwork and photography for each event.

London Coworking Assembly is an independent and voluntary project, so it always needs to find a budget.

We’d hit publish on an event once we have a committed budget and topic.

The earlier you commit to an event, the longer the lead time we have to talk about your support.

What is the cost of co-producing a Breakfast Show?

Your budget will need to be £1200 as we host around 40 – 50 people every breakfast.

You can split this with a co-sponsor – so two companies can co-produce together.

By supporting, you will feed London’s “hungry” coworking community.

You’ll also support independent London businesses, the local economy and young people building their careers. 

Who comes to breakfast? ​

London Coworking Assembly has been going in some shape or form since 2014.

Since 2018 we’ve run over 30 London Coworking Assembly breakfasts at coworking spaces, London universities and the Herman Miller showroom.

Attendees include:

  • Independent coworking space owners and operators of all sizes

  • Local London authorities and the Mayor of London’s office

  • Local councillors

  • Co-living operators

  • Academic researchers

  • Software/app companies

  • We welcome visitors from other countries, events and places in the UK.

Our conversations focus on:

– Local London regeneration and High Streets

– The 15-minute city

– Economic sustainability and growth of a London coworking business

– Inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility

– London’s Creator Economy

– The coworking values

– London Projects for young people Urban MBA.

What's in it for me? ​

Our community is small, tight and highly engaged.

We email 299 people here every week and have an average 38% open rate.

We have the Coworking Values Podcast that gets 80+ downloads every episode.

We also email appropriate London Coworking Assembly event updates to the 4K+ newsletter subscribers in our projects, like European Coworking AssemblyCoworking I.D.E.A. Project, European Freelancers WeekCreator Write Club and techLondon.

If you are looking to create long term engaging relationships with locally focused 
micro and small independently run coworking businesses, this is the place for you. 

London Coworking Assembly community has four connection points a month, with the monthly breakfast being the central community event.

Is your target market more at the enterprise level than micro and small coworking businesses?  

You are better off speaking to Jean-Yves at Coworking Europe, Tim at GCUC UK, and Jane at The Flexible Space Association.




Bernie is happy to introduce these folks personally; they are an essential part of the coworking ecosyste

What is not in it for you.

We never look for sponsors who want to “buy” attention.

Unlike other industry events, we don’t do a “pay to speak” model.

So you won’t be able to present, hog the stage, do a product demo or hand out crappy brochures.

You won’t get an email list of attendees because we never trade people’s data – GDPR and all that.


You will become a trusted partner like the other long time supporters; check them all here: London Coworking Assembly’s front page.

The earlier you commit to an event, the longer the lead time we have to talk about your support.

Bonus: We have a decade long track record of helping people in ways they could never have imagined; you’ll get more than a logo on the event page.

I'm in! How do I sign up?