Supporting communities within Ukraine through local coworking spaces

You can help coworking operators in Ukraine, by booking space or buying memberships online to send money directly to them. This puts money right into the hands of coworking spaces on the ground.


Igor Dzheyban of andcards and Coworking Ukraine and Hector Kolonas of Syncaroo have been working together to provide a list of vetted coworking space operators who will use the income to their spaces to care for their own, their members, and their community’s needs.

You can book directly at these locations which are trusted and vetted by the ECA. For any questions about the spaces please contact Igor directly.

You can support these spaces:



You can also donate directly through Coworking Ukraine

You can donate to the European Coworking Assembly Ukraine Project.

If you would like to provide this option for direct booking to your community, or embed it on your website, you can! 

Add the list and form to your own website

Use the snippets below to invite your customers, members, community, alliance or network to support these spaces from your own website. 

Embed the list of Ukrainian coworking & flex spaces on your website:

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Embed the contribution tracking form on your website:

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