People Helping People through Coworking: Europe/Ukraine

Coworking in Europe is combining its resources to support our community in Ukraine. This page has the information you need to connect with the people and projects coordinated by and within the Assembly.

We are committed to the coworking community in all of Europe, including Ukraine, now and into the future.

If you want to list your project, propose a project, or volunteer, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Humanitarian and refugee aid

Do you need help?

Here you can find and apply for help with accommodation, financial, medical and psychological support, refugee status, logistics, jobs and local language classes.

How can you Help?

You can help with housing, medical, legal, psychological, logistics, financial support, local language classes, or provide a workplace for Ukrainian people.


If you are in Europe and need our help, you can contact Piotr Boulangé directly through means of:

Piotr is also coordinating contact with volunteers in other countries to aid those in need of assistance. We are looking for coordinators to support him in

  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Moldavia
  • Germany

 Should you need our help in North America, you can contact Ashley Proctor in Canada through means of:


  1. Spacent Membership for Ukrainians for free – offering a free membership to anyone arriving from Ukraine for Spacent locations in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.
  2. Coworking for Ukraine: OneCoworking’s program offering free access to coworking spaces inside and outside of Ukraine, to people affected by the war in Ukraine. Also provides information about HelpBus and Flixbus programs for transportation, living and sleeping space through AirBnB, and more.
  3. The German Coworking Federation members are offering their support to refugees free of charge.
  4. Stronger Together is an initiative of Coworking Switzerland that lists the coworking spaces that are partaking in the support of refugees and those in need due to the current event in Ukraine.
  5. Coworking Spaces in Slovenia are offering free workspace for Ukrainians:
  6. Coliving for Ukraine: A program of Co-Liv, collecting information from European communities and coliving providers that want to support Ukrainians, which will in future be shared publicly to communities in need.  This link does not contain information but is a form to collect information for later publication.



We are collecting messages to those who need support and a few uplifting and understanding words. These messages will be added to a collective audio that will be posted on the Coworking Values Podcast.

You can listen to the previous set of messages we collected.

The idea of the audio messages is to express presence, support to our Ukrainian siblings, colleagues, family members, and friends.

Here are some questions to help your thought process when recording the message:

  • How do you feel about the situation?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • Can you help in any way?

 Some guidelines when recording your message

  • Each audio message should last 30 to 60 seconds max.
  • Every audio message should be in english, the name of the person, and the company or organization that is represented. No ads, no explanation of what the org/business makes.
  • The audio messages can be forwarded to +38640215600 via whatsapp or Signal


Vika Zhurbas, founder of the Ukrainian Coworking and Flex office Association, has set up a way for you to donate directly to the Ukraine Coworking Community here.

You can also directly book space or memberships to vetted coworking space operators who will use the income to their spaces to care for their own, their members, and their community’s needs.

You can also support the European Coworking Assembly Ukraine Project.  All donated funds will go directly to the Coworking community affected by the war in Ukraine and to support the Ukraine project of the ECA.

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Personal information collected via this contact form will be used only for communication regarding this project or the project(s) you propose.

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