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We’re back with another episode for the Coworking Values Podcast. This time we have Alice Fung, co-founder of Architecture 00. She is also part of the GLA Assistance team and Mayor’s Design Advocate for the office of the Mayor of London.

She also manages regeneration initiatives such as employment space strategies, master plans for regeneration, industrial intensification, and workplace models.

We are going to be talking about flexible workspaces in the high-street. How it happened and how it is going now. We are going to be delving on what flexible workspaces can do for the community in the high-street as the concept of the 15-minute city is gaining more attention now.

We are also inviting everyone to attend a free webinar on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 10:30am UTC

What opportunity can you see for High-street in regard to the 15-minute concept?

I mean, I think the opportunity is massive. I think that and that, well, no one has a crystal ball. Right. But, you know, from all the kinds of services everyone’s trying to kind of get a handle of what the lasting impact of the pandemic will be.

I firmly believe that now people have had a bit of a taste of like, what do I mean to travel in 45 minutes to the office and get squeezed, trying to do sort of, you know, other things in my mind, kind of like, yeah, whether it’s childcare things or household things, or just actually just having a kind of mental kind of like break outside the office. 

I think that the kind of the need for hybrid working will just be increased, I think people have had a taste of it. So I don’t. Well, I don’t think that there’s going to be any kind of abandonment of working centrally at all, I think that not life, work balance, and so on. 

And being able to work kind of more locally, whether that’s in your home, if you have the space and set up to do that, or whether it’s in your local High Street, I think people are looking kind of for more choice. So once you’ve had the option, you kind of don’t want to necessarily put it all back.


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