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Hello, folks welcome to this week’s exciting, home working pumped edition of the Coworking values podcast.

Our guest for this episode is Bertie van Wyk, Workplace Specialist from Herman Miller. He’s going to be speaking at the coming Workplace Trends Research Summit 2021. He’s going to be talking about the 7 myths of the post-crises workplace and explore the data showing the differing quality of WFH experiences.

And we’re going to be talking about things that we can do to be more productive, healthier and stay motivated while working from home. He’s going to be giving us some tips to improve our work from home setup.

What do you think is the key for choosing your workplace?

I mean, the key thing with spaces and with any kind of great space is when they provide the right variety of spaces for you to choose where you want to sit, you choose your space based on how much you want to get distracted or how much interaction you want. 

Sometimes you choose a space because you know there’s going to be people walking by or you’ll be overhearing conversations because you want that social connection. 

Other times you walk into exactly the same time and you know, I need to focus. I need to work where I know no one else is going to be on a phone call next to me, no one else is going to tap me on the shoulder. 

So I need that hiding space too. And finding that balance is really key. And if you have the ability to choose where you want to sit during the day based on the type of work that you have to do, then that kind of empowers you and it encourages you to go back to that space rather than feel that you have to either stay home or be forced to go into a space where you’re not count can’t be productive.


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