In this episode, we speak with Stacey Sheppard, Director of The Tribe, a South Hams coworking space dedicated to fostering an environment where creative, ambitious women may thrive.

Stacey not only works as an interior designer, but also as a blogger, journalist, and author. Stacey was interviewed by Ivanne Poussier, whose book Sisters in Arms – Women in Coworking highlights European coworking locations catering to women.

Stacey discusses “Biophilic Design,” a concept that blends elements of nature into the built environment to improve people’s emotional and psychological well-being. She discusses the pros and cons of coworking, as well as their hopes for the industry’s future.

Stacy goes into detail about her motivations for creating an online business and how she plans to use the tools available today to help the youngsters of her community achieve their full potential.

She also discusses the lack of sponsors, role models, mentors, and professional support networks for women in rural Devon, as well as the imposter syndrome and the perception that one has the necessary skills and expertise.

She also stresses the importance of surrounding oneself with people who have similar values and appreciate the value of friendships, teamwork, and mutual support.

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