Welcome back to another interesting episode of Coworking Values: Visionaries! We’re glad you can join us again as we go deeper into the world of shared offices.

This series is happily brought to you by andcards, the cutting-edge coworking space management software that is changing the way flexible workspaces work.

Co-Founders of Campfire Coworks Jazmin Gorski and Nikki Parks talk about what it was like to start and run Campfire Coworks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. At first, the Chamber of Commerce set up the coworking space as a non-profit company. It did, however, have problems with money and direction.

Keith Glendon, a founder with a lot of experience in IT and finance, took over the company and changed its name to Campfire Coworks.

Throughout the talk, both Jasmine and Nikki stress how important it is for remote workers and digital nomads to have a reliable and regular place to work.

Nikki’s knowledge of process management and technological solutions, especially with andcards, made the shared space run much better as a whole.

As the space grew, a parent company called Bondfyr was created. It offers coworking consulting services to help would-be entrepreneurs set up their own sites and help with putting in place processes, systems, and technology.

The conversation also goes into the idea of “remote coworking spaces.” Jazmin and Nikki talk about the problems that rural areas face, like not having enough access to the internet and simple services like electricity. Still, they point out the benefits of rural coworking places, like how they build a strong sense of community and encourage people to work together.

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