Alex Ahom chats with Claire Carpenter, Founder, and CEO of The Melting Pot Edinburgh for this Coworking Values Podcast Episode. 

Claire, aside from being one of the pioneers of European Coworking, is also a social entrepreneur and innovator focusing on creating sustainable empowered communities. 

Alex and Claire talk about how the journey of The Melting Pot and how they acquired the new space for The Melting Pot Edinburgh. 

What is your biggest personal lesson or takeaway from what has happened in the last few years [The Melting Pot]?

I’ve got a few that we will link together. So one of them is about team effort – business recovery.

And taking any, even just building a business, it’s a team effort, you’ve got to know your people. And we’ve all got different needs and ways of working in fear.

You know, some people need regular contact, other people need space. And knowing your people, giving them what they need. It’s messy like some people are okay with mess and chaos and creativity, particularly the entrepreneurial types, and other people absolutely hate it and will need structure and clarity and for it to be a nice and steady-state.

And I’m afraid that business recovery isn’t like that. So you need the right people around you, but with tolerance, I suppose to get there.

So what can you do to put in some structure we had these like six weekly meetings and weekly check-ins. And a really clear goal. And we embrace the somebody we knew as a facilitator to help keep us on track. And it was definitely a team effort that kept us going.

What the lesson would be like, what can you do to put in a structure that supports you and your team? To keep you on track?

It’s a storm out there. You can’t afford to waste your energy and resources by getting spread too far too thin. How do you try and keep that focus, narrow down?

And then the other part of that is, you’ve got to believe it’s possible because nothing is possible when you’ve got a defeatist attitude.

So if nothing else, out there, hope and inspiration, or you know that internal hope and inspiration, have to be part of your driver, not just fear.


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