We’re delighted to welcome you back for another installment of the Coworking Values: Visionaries series, which was created in partnership with andcards, coworking software that simplifies the management of flexible workspaces.

Elizabeth Dawes Gay, Founder and CEO of Ipade, a Black-owned coworking space for Women Entrepreneurs, joins us in this episode.

Listen in as Elizabeth discusses how the culture and history of black women and women of colour are honoured and embraced at Ipade, a coworking space designed specifically for them.

Learn how Ipade can act as a sort of “incubator” for those with huge aspirations and ideas about how to better the world. Their business model has been successful in attracting and retaining a regular supply of members.

The establishment has an impact on the neighbourhood by showing residents that they are welcome and that it is feasible to pursue one’s aspirations.

As a social business, Elizabeth has had to strike a balance between preserving her space and keeping to her pricing values. Most importantly, coworking groups have a positive role in bringing people together, connecting them, and allowing them to partake in one another’s lives.

In their success story, learn more about how Ipade streamlines workflows and empowers members with self-sufficiency.

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