Welcome back for another episode of the Coworking Values: Visionaries series, created in collaboration with andcards, coworking space management software that streamlines the management and use of flexible workspaces.

In this episode, we have Shamena Nurse-Kingsley, founder of Cowo&Crèche, a coworking space in Alexandria, Virginia that’s specifically designed for parents and women.

Shamena talks about how she got into coworking because she was trying to juggle work and being a new mom during the pandemic, and how her military background gave her the motivation to take a risk and start her own business.

Shamena also shares about the challenges that working mothers face, including the “motherhood tax” and the importance of setting boundaries. She shares how being there for her kids’ milestones brought her immense joy and how Cowo & Crèche was created to be a solution for working parents.

Shamena believes that faith and intuition are the driving forces behind her business and emphasizes the importance of solving real issues.

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