Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Coworking Values: Visionaries series! We’re thrilled to have you join us once more as we dive into the world of collaborative workspaces. This series is proudly brought to you in partnership with andcards, the cutting-edge coworking space management software that revolutionizes operations in flexible workspaces.

Alycia Levels-Moore, founder of Polaris BHM, talks about the origins of “Polaris” Birmingham, inspired by the North Star, which symbolizes guidance and success for entrepreneurs. 

Polaris supports sustainable businesses, promoting economic growth and prosperity. The podcast encourages a deeper understanding of ancestry traditions and ideas, emphasizing the responsibility to improve the world for future generations. 

Polaris also offers a safe and supportive environment, emphasizing transferable creativity that can be applied across various industries. Alycia dives into the exciting connection between music and business creativity as artists who have become entrepreneurs use their skills to create coworking spaces.

Join Polaris BHM for new ideas, motivation, and a diverse perspective on business, creativity, and community building on their “How Do I Do This,” podcast that provides interesting conversations for entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. 

Enter the exciting world of coworking spaces, entrepreneurship, and creative innovation. Join us in this podcast episode to gain insights, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on business, creativity, and community-building.