Join Bernie as he talks about the Creator Economy with3 esteemed guests for this last episode of the year of the Coworking Values Podcast.

Brandon Myers is the Regional Concert Coordinator at  Sofar Sounds, a global music community that links artists and fans through live music, as well as the Co-Founder of Total Marmaladee, a brand that focuses on telling the stories of musicians. He is noted for having a massive track record in the worlds that he has worked in, beginning with public affairs and progressing to education and now working full-time in music.

Jessica Abel is a cartoonist and author who has written a number of graphic novels and other works. However, she has spent the last seven years teaching and serving as Chair at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, as well as being a Coach and Consultant at Autonomous Creative. And she’d like to be regarded as someone who helps creative individuals make a living in her new role as a creative business strategist.

Joana Carvalho is the lead architec at Joana Carvalho Arquitectura and founder of DINAMO10 Creative Hub. She founded this group on the principle that collaboration and cooperation are essential for creative work and economic success. She wants to be known as someone who has a positive impact on others around her.

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