In this episode of the Coworking Values Podcast Accessibility Track Emily takes us into the world of inclusive and accessible marketing with Dom Hyams from Purple Goat Agency

We explore what sets Purple Goat apart as the world’s first disability-led, inclusion-focused marketing agency and how they guide brands through crafting progressive, authentic campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. 

Dom shares insightful perspectives on the common missteps brands make regarding accessibility and inclusion, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement and leveraging lived experiences to shape truly inclusive communications.

Episode Highlights:

The Unique Approach of Purple Goat Agency: 

Dom Hyams introduces the agency’s mission to make marketing more inclusive and accessible worldwide.

Accessibility in Marketing: 

Insights into what brands often get wrong and how to embrace continuous improvement for better accessibility.

Low Hanging Fruit for Accessibility:

Practical tips for businesses to enhance accessibility beyond the basics.

Understanding Diverse Perspectives: 

The importance of adopting multiple viewpoints to create genuinely inclusive experiences.

Engaging with the Community:

How to approach discussions about accessibility and disability without fear of making mistakes.

The Evolution of Language Around Disability:

A conversation on the significance of language and representation in shaping perceptions.

Marketing for Accessibility:

Strategies for creating inclusive customer experiences and the role of vulnerability in brand communication.

Upcoming Workspace Design Show:

A sneak peek into the topics Dom will cover at the event, focusing on accessible and inclusive workspaces.

Links & Resources:

– Purple Goat Agency

– Dom Hyams on LinkedIn

– Workspace Design Show: London February 27-28 2024

– London Coworking Assembly

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