Welcome back to another episode of the Coworking Values: Visionaries series, produced in partnership with andcards, coworking space software that makes flex space management a breeze.

In this episode we have, Lindsay Hedenskog the CEO and co-founder of LAMB, a purpose-built coworking space in Stockholm that aims to provide everything a person needs to thrive at work. 

LAMB aims to create a work environment that encourages connection, physical activity, healthy eating, and mindfulness. It has been through pandemics, economic crises, energy crises, food crises, and other crises, and has stayed true to its original mission. 

Let’s hear Lindsay talk more about how LAMB‘s traditional coworking business model encourages people to make small changes to improve their lives. And how they also see an opportunity to digitize the approach to make it easier to make small shifts.

Learn about The Culture Code – how a shared set of expectations creates a culture that is best for human beings. And why vulnerability is essential for change. And how LAMB is a partner in helping companies and teams to develop human-centered cultures. It provides more spaces for conversation and sharing to remember and refocus.

Learn more about LAMB in her interview with the Coworking Smarts blog: How to Make Members Happy: Working Tips from Lindsay Hedenskog, Founder of LAMB

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