Welcome to another episode of Coworking Values Podcast: Accessibility Track with our host Emily Breeder who dives into the ECA Idea Handbook as the blueprint for accessible coworking with the fantastic Jeannine van der Linden from the European Coworking Assembly.

The conversation starts with the ECA IDEA Handbook, a guide that’s not just a book but a collaborative journey on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA).

Jeannine, the “Doula” behind its creation, talks about the voices that shaped the handbook during a pre-pandemic listening tour across the UK and Europe.

They also touch on founder bias and how it affects decision-making in coworking spaces and how unconscious choices can have an impact on a space’s environment.

Jeannine’s perspective promotes a more inclusive world and how and why it is crucial to how coworking spaces can be genuinely accessible.

This series is co-created with Nook Wellness Pods – which provides distraction-free environments in coworking spaces, perfect for neurodiverse individuals who need a focused and comfortable workspace.

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