Welcome to yet another very exciting edition of the Coworking values podcast. For this episode we chat with Fiona Ross of Pink Scottie. She works with SMEs in coworking, construction, and hospitality. Focusing on core duties while understanding business needs and identifying appropriate technical solutions. And Monika Solak, Head of Sales for Nexudus, a white-label technology that helps coworking spaces simplify operations. 

And today, we are going to be talking about what are important things that people should consider when opening their coworking space. And how coworking space software integration helps you manage and keep track of your coworking space.

How can you launch your coworking space without messing it up? What should coworking owners do first?


Before you buy a building, make sure you understand it, and if you’re new to creating a coworking or Kofi’s situation in education, talk to other people, go to other places, since you need to know, have you thought about what kind of cooking facility you’ll need? 

A basic T-shape? Is it really necessary to have a kitchen? How many losses do you need to make in order to fulfil your capacity? So, how much room do you need for that? 

So, in order to understand what kind of location I’m looking for, you must first ask questions and discuss ideas. Is a front door really necessary? Isn’t it nice to be somewhere else? 

This area is buzzing with activity. The first step is to figure out where you’re going and who’s going to see it. Is it my goal to create a wonderful neighbourhood atmosphere in order to attract residents? Do I need additional space? Is this a highly specialised market? 

If I search for a niche? Is there anything more I need to get started with a podcast? Is it necessary for me to build it? 

So, I think that all of those questions contribute to creating the environment you want. To guarantee that there is adequate space and facilities. It will assist you in getting to where you need to go.


That’s my initial suggestion. Consider who you want to attract to your place as your target client. And then you look at the building, but you also look at the technology linked to it. 

I’ve seen several new Coworking space owners come to us with no experience and no idea what they want to accomplish. 

First, concentrate on what you want, your process, how you want to manage it, and what you want to look like when you open your doors. 

And you frequently spend on technology that doesn’t fit your procedures. Then you have a structure or technology in your location that doesn’t suit your company. Because your technology should suit your company, not vice versa.


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