In this episode, we have Barbara Andreatta, Head of MOBacademy, Marc Navarro, Coworking Strategist, and Sam Bender, Communication Specialist for Cobot.

Bernie talks with Barbara, Marc, and Sam in collaboration with the Coworking IDEA Project. The topic is about how to create and curate diverse and inclusive events in a world where the majority of speakers and panels at conferences and conventions are composed of white men.

Some points in the Podcast:

  •  Conference content directors have the opportunity to pick the best and suited speakers for an event. They should keep their audience in mind when picking these speakers to ensure that they are suited. When choosing a speaker, they will be the face of what you deem as success. So, it is important to choose wisely and to ensure that the speakers are diverse.(Marc at 6.05)
  • 2020 showed us that by using technology we can include more diversity. Technology has allowed us to seek after more diverse individuals that won’t necessarily would’ve been possible in person. But, it doesn’t always work. This is our point of view: we should attempt to integrate diversity via technology since we don’t have any other options. (Barbara at 9.40)
  • Cobot is a coworking software that offers a myriad of services to coworking spaces.One of these services is a framework that allows coworking spaces to create a code of conduct. We created this resource to relate it to a larger context. We’ve been upgrading it, but I believe it truly shows the value of having these tools available. Less people want to go on panels or talk, and it’s not just white men, so using the tools and building connections is crucial. The fact is that it’s simpler than ever to get individuals from all over the globe, from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, to participate in a virtual panel. (Sam at 12.21)

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Coworking IDEA Challenge: How to Create and Curate Diverse and Inclusive Events

Coworking Code Of Conduct


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