In this episode, join Stefanie as she talks and explores the blend of community, tech, and hospitality with Urban Garden as it helps organic connections that shape collaborative coworking environments.

We have Stefanie Mayr, a Leasing Manager from Immofinanz, who wants to be known as an open-minded, strong woman in the real estate industry.

She’s here to talk about the Urban Garden Project and how it transformed into a vibrant coworking space that embraces hospitality. The place is lush and welcoming, creating connections among their tenants.

Stefanie believes that community in coworking spaces should happen naturally, not through forced networking events. She explains how onboarding and community managers play a role in integrating new members seamlessly.

Technology also plays a part, with an app for building access and community engagement. Stefanie shares strategies to encourage its usage and the perks that come with it.

The buzz and collaborative atmosphere in coworking spaces are similar to restaurants or cafes, fostering connections among occupants.

Stefanie shares that she finds working in coworking spaces rewarding and encourages a more open approach to this concept in Austria. She envisions a future with increased flexibility and adaptability in workspace design.

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