Come join Bernie and Jerome Chang – Founder and Architect of BLANKSPACES Coworking, one of the most influential voices in the co-working world, for an all-inclusive conversation about diversity and inclusion. 

They’ll explore why there’s a lack of representation on panels and why people of different genders, races, and disabilities aren’t attending events. Plus, they’ll talk about the pandemic and how it’s affected diversity, especially when it comes to caregiving and access. 

They’ll also discuss how remote working can either help close the gap or make things worse. They’ll also talk about the importance of creating an inclusive environment and how it’s not enough to just make announcements – you need to really welcome underrepresented groups. And, they’ll make sure everyone involved, from event organizers to attendees to sponsors, is doing their part to make a real difference.

This episode encourages coworking companies to come together for events that celebrate diversity. We’ll talk about the industry issues, what’s going on, and how you can be a part of the solution.

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