In this episode, we have Surya Paasch, the PR and Social Media Manager at Biwoc Rising, a coworking space in Berlin known for being Germany’s and Europe’s first intersectional work and social club. Biwoc Rising focuses on empowering trans, non-binary, black, indigenous, and people of color communities.

Surya explains that Biwoc Rising creates a “safer space” within the coworking environment where individuals feel respected and free from discrimination and oppression. The concept of a “safer space” involves active learning, unlearning, and accountability from the community members.

Biwoc Rising actively involves its community in shaping its Code of Conduct and policies to ensure inclusivity and safety for everyone.

Surya then delves into the concept of intersectionality, which explores how systems of oppression based on race, gender, sexuality, disability, and class intersect and reinforce each other.

Biwoc Rising aims to achieve intersectional justice by providing an equal and fair distribution of rights, opportunities, and power to marginalized groups.

Surya highlights the need for coworking spaces to be more inclusive and diverse, actively involving people from marginalized communities in decision-making and planning.

It emphasizes the importance of going beyond announcements and truly inviting and welcoming people from diverse backgrounds to foster a sense of belonging and safety.

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