In this episode we welcome back, Maria do Ceu Bastos, Co-Founder, and Manager of Nowhere Desk to talk about integrating local culture and her vision for a unique coworking experience. 

Maria, who has been a remote worker for over thirty years, shares her story of embracing remote work even before the internet was a thing. She talks about the challenges and rewards of early remote work and how important it is to find a balance between work and family life.

Remote work has gained recognition and value over time. It has benefits for individuals, communities, and businesses. It’s important to involve the community in creating coworking spaces in rural areas and collaborate with them.

Maria also talks about her upcoming project called “Nowhere Desk,” a coworking and co-living space in Portugal. She shares the challenges she’s faced in finding the right facilities and the importance of networking with other coworking spaces.

Maria believes that by celebrating the uniqueness of the local area, they can create a great experience for remote workers and digital nomads.

Overall, Maria offers valuable insights for anyone considering remote work or coworking. It shows the importance of community involvement and collaboration in creating successful coworking spaces in rural areas.

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