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Hello Coworking Community! It’s the end of the year, and we don’t have the heart to leave the year without leaving you one last episode for the year 2020.

For this episode, our guest is Irene Manzini Ceinar of Bartlett School Of Architecture. She’s currently a Researcher at Bartlett School of Planning, and she is known as an ARB Architect and Urban Designer.

She hosted the Coworking Library Webinar before: New Working Spaces: Local Coworking in Post-Pandemic Times.

And for this episode, she’ll be sharing all about her research on the growth of the coworking spaces locally not just in Europe but globally and how it affects the community that surrounds those coworking spaces. She’ll also be delving on the complexities of those coworking spaces and how they are thriving before and how these coworking spaces are going to thrive especially during the pandemic. She will also be talking about community-led coworking spaces. 

What are “Community-led” Coworking Spaces?

So, basically, there are lots of definitions regarding community-led coworking spaces but basically are the CO working spaces with the aim to support the local community. Not only the community inside the Coworking space but the community in the area nearby. 

So, and the support when I talk about support is proposing some sort of economic support. So they often do basic things like some kind of incentive for the local community to go into space. And those So, sometimes they support them in terms of, like, for example, they pay less the membership or either they don’t pay, for example, but also support in terms of supporting the local neighbours for, like in terms of bridging the local communities, with the local authorities. 

There’s something like this specific role is very important. I mean, to me it’s fundamental in our community because sometimes the local authority is, quite, you know, unlinked, or maybe too far, let’s say from the, from the population of a specific area. So, having a kind of intermediate or having someone or, in a way, coworking space itself and that we have to throw off or mediate between the needs of the local community. And, the objectives of the local authorities have been very important. 

So, the community-led coworking spaces as mainly those roles the fact of something that has not been taught in community-led forces spaces is something that is so like it. There are not a lot of those spaces basically to this thing so there are some, but basically, they are more informal than structured and it is also difficult to categorize that into this concept.


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Irene – Bartlett School Of Architecture.

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