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For this episode we welcome back David O’Coimin of Nook Wellness Pods and Ivanne Poussier of Ada Coworking. We had them on our previous podcasts, wherein we talked about Uninterrupted Productivity with David and roles of Women in the various fields with Ivanne.

And this time, we are going to be talking about moving the needle towards accessibility in coworking. Furthermore, we will also be deep diving to neurodiversity and neuro inclusivity in the coworking industry.

What can coworking spaces do for accessibility?

Maybe an opportunity that there are fewer constraints in terms of accessibility in today’s coworking spaces. But this lack of regulation gives us not only freedom, but a responsibility to build new solutions. 

And so the potential of innovation and co design and co creation is huge here. So I think it’s just something about which the Coworking owner and managers have to become more aware and in a way that is more accessible and inclusive and diverse. So coworking spaces will also be useful for all the people who are joining the coworking spaces in the future years after the pandemic. 

So, to meet, it’s an opportunity, and we have to seize it now. Instead of waiting for regulations to come, because I’m French, obviously we are a country of big, big, strong regulation. And I hope regulation will not come too fast in Coworking spaces that it will allow us artists in France to, to keep the levers to adjust, to innovate, to create and maybe become exemplary and set an example for the real estate and the offices as a whole. 

Why is Neuroinclusivity still not a “big thing”?

I think an enormous part of the problem is the perception of the lack of a problem. And what I will say is that it doesn’t take much to peel back on the corner of that. 

And for people to realise even people who feel like they may be in a position where this doesn’t affect them. Once you start to illuminate a little on what is it we’re talking about here, we’re talking about, you know, the discrimination, intentional, or otherwise, which is, which occurs by creating normalised environments which exclude certain people.

It doesn’t take very much to peel away that that has a personal effect on the majority of people, whether it’s them directly, and they’re so unconscious, whether it’s within their family, whether it’s their colleagues, whether it’s their company’s bottom line. 

Whatever it is, but we are in the infancy of this movement, if you will, movement, that’s not the right word, but I’m going to use it for now, where they may be in the infancy of understanding what’s happening here, and where we’re falling down, and what we’re leaving on the table and what we’re leaving behind, ethically, as well, as you know, in terms of what we could be achieving. 

And we’re not at the moment because we’re not being inclusive, that still, there’s a long way to go in explaining that.


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