All the way from sunny Derbyshire is our guest for this episode – Jenny Lowthrop, Founder of Coworking Corner in Matlock, Derbyshire.  She is also a Digital Consultant in Agile Working, where she helps people do work better.  

In this episode, we talk about Agile coaching, scrum training and how it helps people do work better whether it is about productivity, happiness, and wellbeing training and consultancy. Aside from that, we also talks about her coworking space that she opened a little about four months ago, and how she started and how Coworking Corner is doing now. 

What is Agile Working?

I believe that agile working is a happier way of working, and both for the teams and the customers. Because it’s largely about kind of putting customers first failing, fast testing and learning, but also about the values and how the team work together.

It’s about honesty, it’s about trust, and collaboration and all those things. But there’s so much research that says, If you, if you want to be happier at work, then you need to give people autonomy, you need to trust them in their job, you need to give them the freedom to try new things. And all of that is what agile is about, which is why I love it. And I’m a big advocate for agile, not just being for kind of software and digital products, but actually be for any kind of work and those kind of elements of Agile that can go into anything.

And so yeah, so I love agile and Scrum is kind of, I guess, one of the processes or structures you can use within agile. So things that people have probably heard obvious things like morning stand ups, retrospectives, where you kind of get together as a team and look at how you’re working together, how their sprints gone, that kind of stuff.

What would you advise others who want to open their own coworking space?

I would say go for it. And if you if you don’t do it to make lots of money, do it too. meet lots of people. Yeah, it helped. It’s helped my work. It’s helped me be more productive in my main consultancy work. But yeah, go for it, get other people involved, get some thoughts on people that might want to come and have lots of plants. That’s my other tip. People love the plants.

Buy some desk, get some plants. Now there’s more to it. But it’s kind of I think you’ve just got to start. There’s loads more I still want to do here. But in the end, I was like, it’s not perfect yet. But I just need to open I’ve got desks, I’ve got chairs, I’ve got Wi Fi. I’ve got plants. And yeah, and go for it, go for it.

And also that your coworking space will be different from everybody else’s, you know, mine has a dog some people don’t like dogs. That’s fine. My co working space isn’t for you. Because my dogs always here and sometimes barks on podcasts. And that make it unique to you. And  people will come and people keep coming it for me.

I’ve been open just over two months. And it’s I’m still getting inquiries almost every day. And it’s it’s going up and up especially being September. I think it’s kind of that back to school vibes. And so yeah, just kind of get it on Google watch the recording from yesterday’s session about being on Google, because I think probably at least 70% of my people have come from there.


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