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Welcome ladies and gents to another edition of Coworking Values Podcasts. 

For this episode, we are welcoming another of our friends back . We have Johanna Voll from the Coworking Library! She will be talking about all about the Coworking Library – all about the research concerning the coworking world where we are a part of. She will also be taking us on a deep dive to the Coworking Library Challenge – Coworking Library Meets RGCS: A Collective Challenge for more Inclusion, Diversity and Equality that is kicking off this December 15, Tuesday at 12.00 – 13.00 CET. The event will run until the 21st of December. 

What is the Coworking Library?

The Coworking Library is a nonprofit project is an online database of all commercial research. It is open and free to use for everybody so it’s available at commercial and I believe, calm, and they can search coworking research and publications and search for papers that have come about over again. 

We have publication also for what data and statistics about overlapping focus a little bit more on quantitative academic research, because I find that is where a lot of really interesting questions have been answered, but sometimes they’re not as yet available to meet to everybody so that’s why we offer an abstract to each entry in English.The publication may be written in another language you can still decide if you would like to contact the author. After reading that abstract. 

We have a block that we would like to communicate a little bit more about the exciting research that we have gathered so far. It can actually help us by submitting empty entries directly to the library with a form that can be filled out. Usually I would say, head over there and ask the officials now. 

Today I would say wait a little bit. Until next week, because then dissipates in our challenge that we have created in order to gather all the overflow publications that have not yet been entered into the library, and I know that there are a lot of applications out there especially. 

I think a lot of researchers took the time during COVID when they were forced to write a lot and publish a lot to research a lot. And all those applications are going to be put into our database so that they are exactly what they’re available to or one idea behind the covers and diversity is very important. 

It’s also the frame research questions asked over and over again. In the library we really want to curate one space online where you can check out if your exciting research question might have been answered before. And then when we find the answer there or some sort of answer to your question might be able to ask for more information that really contributes.


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